3G Postpaid

 Reliance 3G Data Plan's Post-Paid
Bundle Monthly Data Usage Rental/Month
1GB on speed upto 21.6Mbps N/a
2GB on speed upto 21.6Mbps 450 +Tax
3GB on speed upto 21.6Mbps 650+Tax
First 5GB on speed upto 21Mbps then unlimited @153kbps 750+Tax
First 10GB on speed upto 21Mbps then unlimited @153kbps 950+Tax
First 15GB on speed upto 21Mbps then unlimited @153kbps 1350+Tax

*Service Tax extra.; The speed of plan can very on model & maximum supported speed of the device - Modem/dongle/handset etc

Refundable Security of Rs.300 applicale on all post paid offer

What do I get with Reliance 3G? How does 3G compare with 2G?
Faster speeds. Enhanced experiences. Richer life.
  3G 2G
Download up to
21 Mbps;
Upload up to
5.7 Mbps
Download up to
236 Kbps;
Upload up to
236 Kbps

Video calls

Video calls
MMS - 
Video Messages
Basic SMS
Video on Demand,
Location based
services and
lots more
Caller Ring Back
Superfast internet upto 21 Mbps and network superiority.

Brand new multimedia services – video calling, video on demand, gaming, exclusive 3G content.

Thousands of killer apps.
Existing mobile broadband and mobile TV in a new super-exciting avatar.
Ease of use, enhanced security, and personalised customer service.

Broadband on USB Data Cards / Modem
3G Mobile Broadband service enables high-speed wireless Internet access through 3G handsets and 3G USB data cards (dongles). The Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband service is available to all subscribers at an unrestricted speed upto 21 Mbps.

The 3G USB Data Cards are SIM based devices, similar to handsets.
Customers will have to purchase a Reliance SIM card and select the desired prepaid or postpaid data plan. or
pl. feel free to contact us on +91 9311005674 - between 10:00AM to 08:00PM

Mobile Internet on Reliance 3G
Mobile Internet was just never this fast ever before in India. Get lightning fast speeds on Reliance 3G so that you can work faster, enjoy more and remain truly connected all the time — no matter where you are, With network speeds up to 21 Mbps on the uncongested Reliance 3G network, experience superfast internet browsing and ultra quick uploading and downloading.

Broadband on Mobile Phone / Phone-as-a-modem
Customers can also add the data plans/packs on to their current Reliance 3G mobile service to use 3G Mobile Broadband data services on their phone.

- Prepaid users have to recharge with a 3G Data Pack or recharge with a 3G Combo Pack
- Postpaid users have to subscribe to a 3G Data Plan or take a 3G Combo Plan

However, if users don’t want a plan or a pack, then Pay As You Go usage is available by default and enabled for all users.
There is no device restriction for the customers. Customers can use their 3G phone as a modem by connecting it to their PC. Also, customers can put their Reliance 3G SIM into a USB data card and use the 3G Mobile Broadband data service.

Important: Both prepaid and postpaid customers currently having GPRS packs (MobileNet 29, MobileNet 51, MobileNet 99, MobileNet 5 Day Pack) will be kept at 2G speeds till the time:

- Prepaid: GPRS pack validity expires. After that they move to 3G Pay As You Go
- Postpaid: Customer buys a 3G Data plan (otherwise they continue to be on their GPRS plan as it is continued every billing cycle)

3G  Broadband modem / USB cards
On Reliance 3G get high-speed wireless internet access at an unrestricted speed of 21 Mbps. Use your 3G phone as a modem by connecting it to your PC/laptop. You can also insert your Reliance 3G SIM into a USB data card and use the 3G Mobile Broadband data service.

Use data through any mode – on your handset, through phone-as-a-modem (connecting your handset to the PC) and even putting the SIM card into a USB data card.

Get connected at never before speeds of up to 21 Mbps only on Reliance 3G.

Only Reliance 3G offers you ‘no separate charge for data’ used while watching mobile TV. That’s great value - separate data charges mean you could be paying more than Rs. 300 per hour. That’s how much you save with Reliance 3G.

It is important that you check your usage periodically so that you are aware of your usage pattern vis-a-vis the tariff plan you have opted for.

Data usage on common internet activities can be estimated from the table below*.

Application Data usage MB/Hour
Video streaming ( You tube ) 245
HD streaming 308
Normal browsing 6
Flash sites browsing 76
Voice Chat 18
* The above data usage rates are only indicative. Actuals may vary depending on the type of sites browsed, the site configuration, the time of the day, PC setup etc.
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  • Cheaper plans than any one other high speed internet.
  • Support* upto 32 GB Micro SD Card (no need to carry extra pen drive for data storage)
  • Download upto 21.6Mbps.
  • Upload upto 6.8 Mbps
  • Plug-n-play device (no CD required for installation)
  • Compatible with windows VISTA, XP,Win7, Win8 and MAC.
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